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Electronic Ink is a software studio devoted to creating finely crafted small software products. The company is among the foremost developers of Xtras for Adobe Director, and has been a part of the Director development community as creators of XObjects, Xtras, and complete CD-ROM productions since 1990.

You can view our list of Xtras for download and purchase on our products page:
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PrintOMatic 1.8
Posted December 15, 2011

The current release version of PrintOMatic and PrintOMatic Lite is 1.8.

This version is compatible with Director 11 and 11.5, and supports as Mac OS X "Lion" as well as Windows 7.

If you own version 1.7.x of PrintOMatic or PrintOMatic Lite, you will need an upgraded serial number to work with the latest version of the Xtras.

New users, and users of versions older than 1.7 will need a new serial number for these Xtras.

For more information, and to download unregistered versions of the software that you can try out before you buy, visit our products page.


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PrintOMatic (7)
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Xtras (7)
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Free Upgrade to PrintOMatic for D11
Posted April 8, 2008

Any Electronic Ink customer who purchases a copy of the PrintOMatic MX or PrintOMatic Lite MX Xtra after March 1, 2008 will be entitled to a free upgrade to the Director 11 compatible version of the Xtra they purchased when it is ready for release.

Copies of PrintOMatic MX or PrintOMatic Lite MX purchased prior March 1, 2008 will be upgradeable at a cost of US $50.

We anticipate releasing Director 11 compatible versions of PrintOMatic and PrintOMatic Lite by the end of April 2008.
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