Technical Note: Printing PDF Files

Updated: 4/19/04
Products: PrintOMatic Lite Xtra 1.6.5, PrintOMatic Lite MX Xtra, PrintOMatic Xtra 1.6.5, PrintOMatic MX Xtra
Platforms: all

Can PrintOMatic print PDF Files?

PrintOMatic and PrintOMatic Lite don’t support printing PDF documents from disk. For this functionality, try the PDFXtra from Integration New Media at

What about creating PDFs using PrintOMatic?

In Macintosh OS X, printing straight to PDF is built into the operating system. In the Job Setup dialog, all you need to do is click "Save as PDF..." instead of "Print".

In other versions of the Mac OS and all versions of Windows, you must have the commercial version of Adobe Acrobat installed. Then, you can select the "PDFWriter" printer driver just like you’d select any other printer. All PrintOMatic output will then be sent to a PDF file.

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