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Tech Note: Using PrintOMatic With Authorware

Products: PrintOMatic MX Xtra, PrintOMatic Xtra 1.6.5
Platforms: all

The current release of the PrintOMatic Xtra works great within the newer versions of Authorware that have Xtras support.

There are a few limitations in working with Authorware, primarily with the data types you can print. While Director gives Xtras a lot of access to the "media" inside its cast members, Authorware has much more limited support. For example, you can’t print graphics that are in Authorware, except by printing their portion of the Presentation Window, and you can only print unformatted text strings.

However, this is where PrintOMatic’s support for printing graphics from disk, and formatting text fonts, sizes, and styles on the fly becomes useful.

We do not recommend using PrintOMatic Lite with Authorware, unless the only command you are interested in using is "printStage", or you only need to print simple text strings in PrintOMatic Lite’s default font (Arial/Geneva).

Please download our PrintOMatic demonstration file for Authorware for complete examples of the proper syntax to use with the Xtra in Authorware.

Download the Authorware 6.x demo (.a6p file)

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