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Tech Note: Projectors Crash in Panther

Products: PrintOMatic Lite MX Xtra, PrintOMatic MX Xtra
Platforms: Mac OS X


Projectors that have the PrintOMatic / PrintOMatic Lite Xtra included crash on launch in Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).


There are two ways of embedding Xtras in projectors, one of which crashes in Panther:

1. Select "include in projectors" for the Xtra under Modify->Movie->Xtras. This method seems to periodically crash projectors running in Mac OS X straight 10.3.

2. Don’t do the above. Leave "include in projectors" un-checked. Then, manually select any Xtra files along with your .DIR files in the projector-building dialog box. This method of including Xtras doesn’t crash projectors.

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